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The cutters are made as free standing, with the possibility of attaching to the substrate. In the upper part of the frame is provided with guides. Is mounted on the guide trolley, to which is attached the cutting unit and gripping assembly. The cutting unit consists of a motor, the blade and the pneumatic actuator.


The cutting part can be a saw blade or disc cutter for cutting steel. The gripping assembly consists of pneumatic cylinders and removable pads, shape of which must be adapted to the profile to be cut. All operations can be carried out in an automatic cycle synchronized with the extrusion line. There is also possibility of manual control. Smooth cutting speed can be adjusted.



Cutting cycle runs as follows:

  • limit switch gets a signal and starts cutting operation,
  • followed by clamping blocks by pneumatic cylinders to manufactured product (profile), and the cutting begins to move along with the profile,
  • starts at the same time cutting disc and starts to move upwards (delay timer allows cutting so much so that the blade has gained speed),
  • Saw cuts profile and when you reach the limit switch back down to the starting position by starting another limit switch
  • this ativates actuators and terminal blocks on the released profile.
  • whet it occurs the carriage goes along the guides to the initial position,
  • the device is ready to the next cutting cycle.

Specially designed software allows you to choose the cutting option:

  • Automatic - where the signal is fed to the cutting limit switch
  • Manual - where it is possible to send the cut signal from your desktop at any time.

it is also possible to set permanent blade rotation (without interruption bewteen the cycles) when frequent cuts into small lengths.


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